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Whether your Company is a multinational business, Government / Public establishment or small private business, the health of employees is essential for a happy and productive workforce.

Heart and cardiovascular disease is an increasingly prevalent, potentially serious condition in the United Kingdom and screening programs are an essential tool in detecting conditions early to allow prompt initiation of appropriate treatment.

Our busy lifestyles often lead people to experience symptoms such as palpitations or high blood pressure; in addition to posing serious health risks these can cause high levels of anxiety, so accurate diagnosis is essential.

How can this service work for your company?

All your company needs to provide is a private room and I will bring a portable cardiac ultrasound machine, ECG machine, 24hr ECG recording monitors and 24hr blood pressure monitors along with my extensive Cardiology experience (please see test information tab).


Your employees will have access to the high level of expertise available at famous private London clinics and large London NHS hospitals without having time away from the company. If abnormalities are detected, referrals can be made to a Private Cardiologist or the GP can be advised, which would enable the initiation of appropriate treatment or NHS referral.
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Tel: 020 3327 1993
Options available to companies:

The company/institution can purchase a number of diagnostic 
     packages for their employees as a benefit - a confidential
     report would be supplied to the employee

The company/institution can advertise the service internally
     and invite Specialist Cardiac Diagnostics Ltd into the
     Company for employees to purchase diagnostic packages

Company Occupational Health Units can refer employees
     to the service which is paid for by the company and a report is
     supplied to the Occupational Health Unit.

To discover the best package for your company, contact us