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Tel: 020 3327 1993
Tel: 020 3327 1993
Susan Jamieson BSE ASCT DMS
RCCP registered
Director Specialist Cardiac Diagnostics Ltd
Lead Cardiac Physiologist

Professional Profile:

• Accredited to the British Society of Echocardiography

• Registered with The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists

• Cardiac Physiologist since 1991 training at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Wonford)

• Senior Chief Cardiac Physiologist and lead of Cardiology at The Royal
   London Hospital 2001-2011

• Clinical Applications specialist - cardiac ultrasound, Siemens Healthcare. Involved in
  teaching advanced echocardiography techniques across Europe. Responsible for
  organisation of national symposiums and workshops with internationally renowned

• Manager of Non-invasive Cardiology The Harley St Clinic

• Director of Specialist Cardiac Diagnostics Ltd with regular community sub-contracts
  and work in major London Hospitals such as The Royal Brompton Hospital

• Qualified assessor for BSc in Clinical Physiology

• Assessor and supervisor for BSE accreditation
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