Tel: 020 3327 1993
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Private clients:

Cardiac testing is available in clinics usually as a result of a referral from a Doctor, but Specialist Cardiac Diagnostics can make the difference.
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Tel: 020 3327 1993
NHS institutions/Private clinics/GPs/Private institutions:

Cardiac testing is an essential element of any medical institution, but Specialist Cardiac Diagnostics can make the difference:
• We give you access to having your cardiovascular health
  tested without the need of a referral from a Doctor

• We can bring the diagnostic equipment to you at the time
  that suits you, including evenings and weekends, whether
  this be in your home, workplace, or sports club

• We bring you the convenience of receiving the same high
  quality services of major London hospitals and private clinics
  in the comfort of your own surroundings and reducing the
  stress of travelling or having time away from work or
  your home

• With diagnosis occurring first, more appropriate referrals
  and follow-up can take place
• The cost of equipment and experienced qualified staff can
  be high, we can supply both with affordable packages

• We can help reduce waiting lists or increase your
  service delivery

• We can provide the high quality service of major London  
  hospitals and private clinics in the community, supporting
  GPs in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

• We can improve the patient experience for seriously ill
  patients, such as those with cancer and heart failure, by
  offering a service in the patients home or where they are
  undertaking treatment

• Physicians and Surgeons in Private practice can offer the
  services of cardiac testing within their own practice, as the
  service will be brought to you